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    I'm a complete noob to flight sims, i got MSFS2020 for free, so thats how i rolled in, bought me a simple Hotas (T16000M).

    Then I discovered DCS, and oh boy, i became completely addicted, always had great interest in WW2 in general (living in Belgium is a gift regarding that interest) and especially the warbirds.

    First modue i bought about a month ago was the BF109, had no idea what i was getting into, such a hard plane to handle, but on the upside, the systems are simple. Watched alot of BFM tutorials on youtube to get some base idea of how to fly and not just die every time i've encountered a bandit.

    Last week i bougt my second module, the F16 Viper, what a beast, complicated, but so nice. I found the learning curve verry steep (again, i'm a complete aviation noob) but thanks to the Grim Reapers tutorials i'm starting to understand the basic systems. I'm now able to use the radar and weaponsystems in a basic way, but i'll need ALOT more time to master them and familiarize with the plane.

    Anyway, i'm truely enjoying the learning proces and the game at whole.

    Now i would like to buy a map, but i really don't know witch one to buy first, any suggestions? (to be honnest, i enjoy the Viper more than the BF)
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      Originally posted by Rons91 View Post
      Now i would like to buy a map, but i really don't know witch one to buy first, any suggestions? (to be honnest, i enjoy the Viper more than the BF)
      Hey, welcome to the forum.

      Since the Syria map came out, I spend most of my DCS time over there. In my personal opinion, it's the most beautiful DCS map so far, with very different types of landscapes. Very versatile both in terms of fictional scenarios and real life conflicts. Plus, the F-16 is going to feel right at home there.

      That is not to say the other maps aren't well done. I just enjoy the Syria map the most right now and would seriously consider it as a first add-on map.

      The downside right now is that ED and the community mission designers have only just begun to create missions for that map, so you might find more missions and campaigns for the other maps. Then again, the free Caucasus map has the most free missions as far as I'm aware of, so you can always cycle between Caucasus and Syria. And the Mission Editor, albeit daunting at first, is a great tool to create your own training missions.


        Paver here, new to DCS. Picked up the P51 module and am getting acquainted with it. I've discovered I cannot fire rockets and I'm not sure why. Used the key board command with negative results. I can drop bombs, but firing rockets is a no go. I set the fire control on rockets put the switch on auto. I cannot set the reset for the correct #no. of rockets on board. Does any one have a remedy or possible solution?


          Hello! old newbie

          Hi everyone,
          I bought Black Shark around 2010, I tryed to figure it out but, after a few weeks -together with the arrive of a baby- I gave up.
          Now I'd like to come back, and I realize that DCS world is grown so much! I have therefore try to find the better way of approaching it considering, my little time and easy-smart gaming profile.
          I'm sure I will find here some help!


            Originally posted by Rons91 View Post
            Last week i bought my second module, the F16 Viper, what a beast, complicated, but so nice. I found the learning curve verry steep
            Welcome! The F-16 is one of the easiest jets to fly in DCS! You will learn to love it. Try the Su-25T tutorials when you get a chance. That's a tough one to fly.

            I find there is a lot of depth in the Caucasus map, but Persian Gulf and Syria are must haves.

            Fly safe!

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              Hello Everyone,

              I'm a long time fight sim enthusiast. Played Lock On years ago. Lots of Jane's flight sims and IL-2. I had been browsing around and found DCS and loved it. I have been playing since March, getting my skills back up. Glad to be back.

              Iron Sights


                Hi Everyone,

                I'm coming back to aviation sims, with DCS being my choice for combat and MSFS2020 for general aviation. Finally I got myself proper PC and VR googles and I'm amazed how sim reality has changed last few years.

                Anyways, looking forward to have some great time here and in DCS virtual reality .

                Cheers and warm greetings from Poland.
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                  Hi im Larchi, I used to fly the old Ka-50 module - badly, and now with a flash new PC I've been getting to know the old shark again. Got the Huey and the F-18 for some fun. I plan to fly with some fine people, when i get this chopper tamed.

                  Cheers from Australia.


                    Hello Everybody from Canada.

                    Hi everybody I'm new to the DCS world. I have been watching a lot of Grim Reapers videos by Cap over the last few months especially during the lockdowns and have now installed DCS and getting active. My call sign is NightHawk or NightHawk1867 and my real name is Rick. I live in Southern Ontario Canada west of Toronto and originally from Great Britain (Glasgow). I am a big fan of aviation and served in the Canadian military for a short while before getting a couple of university degrees. I also fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the same call signs. Currently I'm flying around in Japan. In the real world i did have a glider pilots license and a vfr single engine license trained on the Cessna 152 with the Air Cadets (RCAC/RCAF). That was a long time ago. As a Canadian I'm a big fan of the F18 Hornet and Super Hornet. Sorry Cap. So I will probably buy the F18 and Flaming Cliffs next time they go on sale. An over educated coffee addict looking to get back into aviation and flight simulation.



                      Stand by for a fighter pilot

                      Greetings to all! I have arrived completely new to DCS, just within the last couple of months. I first noticed DCS via YouTube videos from ED and others, and specifically liked the way the Hornet looked and the high quality of the graphics in general. Once I had the right graphics hardware, I tested out the Community A-4E to verify acceptable performance and to convince myself it was worth the plunge to take on another learning curve with a new sim that had fairly accurate modeling of the Hornet's systems.

                      It's been a considerable amount of time since I last delved into any flight sims. I've been a prior user of MS Flight Simulator, from its earliest versions to the relatively large and customized FS2004 install which I last updated several years ago. I've created several minor mods for MSFS AI traffic, and done some custom repainting/reskinning work too. The flying I did in that platform was almost all single-player civilian airliner ops, with copious amounts of custom AI traffic installed by hand using text editors and config files.

                      On the combat sim side, I've used Jet, After Burner and other "game sims" for fun, LHX Attack Chopper, various Jane's aircraft, etc. I used the early versions of Falcon, ending up with a Falcon 4 BMS install in which I flew several campaigns and learned a pretty good deal about the F-16 systems & weapons.

                      My prime interest within DCS is (Super)carrier-based Hornet ops, likely with mission design/scripting to bring life to the default world which only awaits the Langoliers. I've got a bit of a technical background to go with some real-world piston flying time, and I've already figured out how to integrate basic MOOSE and Lua functionality into my custom test mission, as well as nail one _OK_ pass onto a moderately pitching deck in Case I. And I've learned how to deploy the Hornet's simpler ground attack weapons effectively too.

                      Once I free up some additional disk space I will definitely be getting the Persian Gulf and Syria maps. If a AH-64D Longbow Apache module were to appear, I would be all over that too. I have not contemplated any multiplayer stuff yet - perhaps in the future. I'm evaluating the available VR options and may make that move in the near future.

                      Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to be able to make a small contribution towards improving this sim that has impressed me so far.
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                        My name is Stéphane, i’m french from Meru, Oise.
                        Technical in mechanical-welding, and sheet metal work .
                        53 year old, love practicing track day with my amazing Lotus Elise (don’t need any simulator for this).
                        Some years earlier I used to play with ADF F22 , and stop playing with computer for many reasons, get married, buy a house, have a kid , ect ect.
                        Now I’m back to affairs, and naturally I’m going to try seriously DCS simulation .
                        I’m here to find answers to questions I probably have, and for sure some help.
                        Please excuse me for my bad English.


                          Welcome stephane,
                          Your lotus looks like great fun.Grab yourself a module or ten (lol) and have some fun there are plenty of community's out there that should cover your needs,maybe a french speaking squadron that will take you under their wing. I can't recommend it enough to anyone just starting or experienced to join a squadron as it will really enhance your immersion ,fun, and learning. Chucks guides are fantastic to get you started on a module so I'll leave you a link below.Welcome again and enjoy!

                          Chucks guides

                          P.s just remember to check back periodically on the guides as he updates them frequently as DCS changes and evolves
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                          OTHER:Flamming cliffs,Combined Arms,WW2 Assets Pack,SuperCarrier.
                          TERRAINS: Nevada,Caucasus,Normandy,Persian Gulf,Syria.


                            Tanks Fatboy.
                            Tasmanie, i see where it is, an island in south east of Australia, but i could just imagine how it is. In my dreams it is for sure fantastic !
                            i'm going to learn with the A 10 . The old one, alone first, for playing with the learning campains. After, use the new version to practice close formation fly,
                            After i'll learn to use the long list of weapons .
                            My English isn't very good, but it's a good way to make new friends, and improuve my English.


                              Originally posted by At_Viper View Post
                              Please excuse me for my bad English.
                              Never apologise for your English. No need for that!
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                                Originally posted by At_Viper View Post
                                After, use the new version to practice close formation fly
                                Welcome to the forums, and to DCS!

                                Just a quick hint: the old and the new A-10 fly exactly the same. You can use either of them for formation flying, it shouldn't make any difference at all.

                                Well, okay, there's one difference. The HMCS can help you find your wingman if you've lost sight. When you learn formation flying: don't use it!
                                Learn to keep your wingmen in sight without the HMCS or the other avionics. You will become a better pilot if you learn it this way.

                                And: I would suggest to learn formation flying in Multiplayer. The game's AI pilots all use a simplified flight model. Their turns, climbs, accelerations and so on are all different from player controlled aircraft.

                                If you can find someone experienced with formation flying, your learning experience will be 100 times better than practicing with the AI!


                                  Hi, just to tell you about my first steps in DCS.
                                  I've finished my computer and have installed all i'll need for in my living room using my 75" TV screen and my home cinema for sound.
                                  I have decided to start with A10 C module to learn to fly.
                                  For my fisrt try, saturday, everything look like working, except me!
                                  For the first time it had just took me 4 hours to start the plain, with the book and some English tutorials on Youtube, just some lights still lightning on the panel.
                                  Anyway, i decided to drive a bit, with a crash in a van as issue !

                                  My Hotas , my rudder, and brake wasn’t configured !
                                  Yesterday, better “only” 1h30 for start the plane, and arrived ready to take off (just 4 lights still on the warning panel).
                                  Full gaz and try to pull the handle, and nothing happened , so took the brakes and arrived managed to stop plane before the end of the track and back to parking.
                                  I’ll just have to return to my hotas set up.
                                  A lot of things to digest before fly with you.


                                    Howdy, Sabes here, I've been practicing since April to familiarize myself in the hope I don't make to many boneheaded mistakes or procedural errors when going into multi play. I'm a full time gearhead and restore older Alfas because I enjoy it, a retired photographer, and now into this. Aviation has always played a role since my Dad was retired Air Force, brother retired AA Captain, and I've logged a couple hundred hours in single fixed wing. I use Voice Attack in VR and screen to control gear, flaps, radios, enter data on the UFC, and a lot of other commands. For me it's especially great in VR. I've spent most of my time in the FA-18 mainly because I want to send my brother in law (retired Navy Captain and aviator) a good LSO grade on a carrier landing. Still working on that. I've done some time in the P-51 and F-86 but not nearly as much as the Hornet. This is the and I don't want to call it a game, it's more of an experience I've been looking for since I don't know when. I'm far enough along or at least I think I am to start some multi play and was hoping someone could direct me where the new guys go so as not to make a complete fool of themselves. The last thing I want to do is ruin anyone's enjoyment. Thanks in advance!


                                      Hi gigem, don't overthink it. Just join some squad. Many of them enjoy teaching new members. Of course the more practice you get before the better but don't wait for some level to achieve before entering MP. Enjoy the journey.
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