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Thrustmaster HOTAS warthog joystick - pitch failure

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    Thrustmaster HOTAS warthog joystick - pitch failure

    After updating firmware for my HOTAS warthog and configuring profile now my joystick's pitch is not responding, the plane dived to ground or sea helplessly.
    I tried to fly the plane with DCS default keys binding and of course joystick is useless now.

    Any advices from our vets community will lift my spirit up, thanks in advance.

    Did you check your Joystick out of the game? You could use Game Controller tool from windows. Just dont calibrate anything with that thing. You could even check it ingame under controls and see if the axis responds accordingly.

    Also check the axis section and clear all devices which should be assigned. DCS has the habbit to assign X/Y, Throttle automaticly to every USB connector with an axis.
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