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The Flying Kiwis Zorb ball of death dedicated server

The Flying Kiwis have a dedicated server running 24/7. On our server you will find totally unique missions that are challenging and fun. With a mix of air to air and strike/SEAD options, helicopters and even a sprinkling of warbirds with target areas across the entire map there is never a shortage of options. Each mission is totally randomized so every time you fly it there will be something different happening. Each aircraft has a complete set of kneeboards with coordinates for targets across the map (and the best eye candy in the DCS community). A great place to practice systems and weapons or grab a buddy and plan a full on mission. On scheduled flight nights we can often be found on the server making something up on the spot and creating our own adventures. If your tired of the team killing, tankers being shot down by frustrated n00bs, outdated briefings, lack of teamwork and general dysfunction that can be found on public servers you owe it too yourself to check out an awesome community like The Flying Kiwis. Come and say hi on the Discord channel and we will happily show around the dedicated server.



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