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The Virtual Horsemen

The Virtual Horsemen represent the Horsemen, the worlds only aerobatic team using P-51 Mustangs. Our team currently consists of 3 pilots, a Narrator and a Streamer. Current team: Lead: Rob 'Rock' Brindley Right Wing: Left Wing: Julian 'SkyHawk' Tirazona Narrator: Nathan 'Rhino' Truninger The Virtual Horsemen were formed in 2009 by Rob 'Rock' Brindley, Francessco 'Yeager' Brunetti and Julian 'SkyHawk' Tirazona, in the IL-2 flight simulator series, for a video project. After a few training sessions, the team soon realised that there was a lot of potential within, and that the video project should not mark the end of this gathering. After flying several shows, including a live performance at the Low Land Tiger Meet and VFAT, we recently moved to the DCS series. Following the departure of Yeager in 2011, 'Fadec' joined and has been training with the team.

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