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161 (Recce) Squadron

161 Squadron is an Australian / New Zealand group that plays DCS in the AEF Clan. We are a relaxed and diverse group of mature DCS flight sim enthusiasts. Our team skill level extends from beginners to the flight sim genre, to the veteran DCS combat simulator pilots. Our focus as a team is to get everyone flying to the same level over time, and everybody involved is constantly learning new things about the game. The secret to our success is to keep things casual with a beer in hand, yet using the small hours we have to create realistic immersion to gaming online. We understand that inside every new DCS trainee puke is an awesome death-dealing combat pilot trying to get out. It takes a little time, patience and guidance to make that happen and you can find all that in the 161 SQN. We play on Tuesdays and Sundays in the DCS Community Teamspeak Channels, with around 10 pilots attending most sessions with 25+ on the roster. Contact info is posted below.

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