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  2. Хочу сами-знаете-что на кавказской карте
  3. Kind of odd it wasn't completed in the same timeline as the Ju-88, considering our Normandy map and the fact that the US infantry models exclusively portray 101st airborne.
  4. Покойся с миром Паха..........
  5. Спасибо за ответ Александр (!), правда не совсем понял, что там не подтверждается... ладно не суть. При повреждении вертолета ощущается заметный кивок вперед и после этого - сразу идет изменение тангажа порядка 10 градусов со знаком минус. По сути вертолет как-то искусственно опускает нос вниз, вне всяких законов аэродинамики и физики. К сообщению приложу видео, где видно, что такая же проблема возникла не только у меня (полет в сети) и скину трек, правда не знаю поможет ли он (???), так как там - я практически сразу разбиваюсь при взлете... Смотрите с 2.15.30, сам МО
  6. Ver None of the "Toggle' function key bindings for the YAK52 work
  7. Its very bizarre, I can see the engine quit in the track, but taking control and trying to reproduce I cannot.
  8. Zohardv

    Enemy AI

    Is it just me, or is it that Ace level AI are not subjected to the laws of physics? When analyzing dogfights with me in an F-16 vs an Ace Mig-29, I just couldn't out-turn him. Pulled maximum G and had high energy, but the Mig-29 would still win every merge. The M29 also seems to have infinite amount of energy, coming out of a slow, rolling scissors into a quick vertical loop. That's insanely frustrating. Is it me, or are the AIs unrealistically competent?
  9. The Checklist in Chuck's Guide says to turn on the booster pump after engine start, and I know he gets his info from official documentation; though I don't know which specifically. I've noticed with the warbirds there is a whole lot of checklist confusion because the original WW2 documentation may omit things that are presumed to be foundational knowledge of the pilot from previous training, and then things get further confused with checklists for surviving airworthy warbirds that will have different procedures to baby the old airframes and/or because modern tweaking has been done
  10. Yeah, I realized I was miss informed from my book, I did more digging and you're correct on the E being only for the Army...
  11. A lot of people are saying that this happens when the load weight is 0. Could that be the case in this mission? Does the load have weight?
  12. не подскажите как подправить чтобы эта палка на экране прицеливанияисчезла
  13. Hi Thrawn, Sorry for not replying earlier, didn't see this until just now. I don't believe QNLZ is openly available yet. The model has been commissioned by a member of our wing and is continuously being developed.
  14. I've had it across two computers, three harddrives, and six fresh installs.
  15. This one always confuses me. It's not quite possible to avoid these situations during takeoff and landing phases.
  16. Auto throttle has nothing to do with where you are, it’s not communicating with anything external to the jet. In landing mode it doesn’t work yet, simple as that.
  17. "Correct as is." Does ED do all their research off of bad photographs? Have their artists been to an airport at night at all?
  18. Thank you - great find!!!!. Hopefully, this means that there is no reason that HB should not be able to formally fix this since this workaround proves that the indexer lights can be much brighter in the F14!
  19. HI, First of all, Thank you for a grate working Mod of both the Etandart IV and the SUE/SEM. But I have a little problem: weapons on the wings of the SUE and SEM are not correctly aligned. They mix into the wing. See attached picture...
  20. Today
  21. If I understand your question- Basically, Collision uses own aircraft velocity to calculate an intercept course to the target. This is as opposed to assuming missile velocity to effect an efficient firing solution. Collision gives a steering course that takes the aircraft to the target, and as such, you don’t want to shoot a missile while the system is in collision- the missile would be tracking farther in front of the target than necessary, since it is much faster than the aircraft. It was used to give the pilot an idea of where to fly to effect an intercept to the tar
  22. Do you think this is a visual issue? The AI taxi prevents mission assets from getting off the deck and accomplishing their mission! That's core functionality, not visuals. You do realize that a Dynamic Campaign won't even work until AI issues like this are fixed? How will you run a campaign when the AI assets won't even get in the air? "Nothing but improve" is pure hyperbole. Yes we have had some improvements. SOME. While other issues like AI, multiplayer sync issues, the-constantly-breaking-radar-missile-guidance, and other core game issues have had zero improvement or gotten wors
  23. From what i've seen (no research yet) the amraam is ku band. You probably could get a rough approximation based off the size of the dish and take into account its known to be a 4 element monopulse. I have no sources on exactly how FFT is done only that its a possibility based on the 1959 paper I posted earlier which was about anti-chaff techniques that had been developed/were being developed. But i'd be surprised if something like it couldn't and isn't being done in modern seekers like the amraam.
  24. afaik not yet, but its planned
  25. I wonder if that is affected by the "headwind/tailwind" bug in which the wind seems to be missing from the aircraft's flight model and it uses ground velocity to determine engine performance, etc. Normally an aircraft flies on the moving airmass, but if it's modeled incorrectly and missing the wind, then the instant the bombs are released they would be blasted with a huge wind shear. Hopefully the next patch will fix this!
  26. I just found this thread after spending a combined three hours flying on the server. This has been the most fun experience in a long time. No blowing up stuff, no AAA, just a relaxed and extremely diverse environment to fly the helos and all of that with a bunch of like minded individuals. Extremely good job guys, keep it up, enjoying this a lot! Now all I need to do is to finally set up SRS correctly and get into communicating with the other pilots.
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