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  2. Nice skin. I'd love to get hold of these as well but it looks like he didn't build these for the package. I'm trying to find SA342_Camou_ADT_8.psd as this appears to be corrupt in the package as well. As far as the rest are concerned, looks like we're stuck with hacking the .dds files.
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/227507-dcs-world-patch-notes-discussion-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4627604
  4. Maybe Bio should have delivered the same briefing to his instructors as well. I swear, especially the Vipers always seem to aim straight for my nose. (both AI Vipers and F-15s seem to tighten their turns very aggressively and keep forcing head-on passes, with no regards for their own safety). Maybe they completely misunderstood the term "murder board"?
  5. And what are differences between cloud options /standard vs ultra?
  6. Fun fact : killing friendly ships increases your score without it being marked as friendly fire, that's just below. The code checks for FF on every type of target except ships... me_logbook.lua : if isInsideCoalition(coal, country_idTarget) then --попали по своим if (victimType == "helicopter") or (victimType == "plane") then faa = faa + 1 elseif victimType == "vehicle" or victimType == "static" then fag = fag + 1 end (...)
  7. Ja, genau das Bild am Monitor. Da sieht man den Rahmen ganz genau. Gut ist, dass ich schon dachte, ich hätte mir mit dieser Mod meine DCS Installation zerschossen, weil ich es nicht wieder los geworden bin und somit scheinbar normal ist. Schlecht ist, dass ich die Ränder in der CV1 ganz klar sehen kann, was sehr nervig ist. Vielleicht finde ich ja gleich noch kurz die Zeit mal einen Blick in die Optionene zu werfen um zu sehen, was ich da machen kann. Vielen Dank auf jeden Fall für die Klarstellung.
  8. Thank you very much for reporting this, it is the only "bad" thing i experienced with the 2.7 patch - the loss of the laser pointer. I now have to fumble with the controler, bump into my desk/keyboard/monitor... trying to use VR keys/switches/MFD's....all takes alot more time and tries that before was easily done.
  9. It's all about the diffuse layer/s: comparative example shown Below:- Fig 1: GIMP left/Krita right. Note the lack of pseudo 3d shading in the GIMP example. These are virgin untouched .psd files from ED forums. The layers are present as shown isolated in GIMP in Fig 2 but the way GIMP handles these vs Krita/PhotoShop must be different as they do not show for GIMP (I'm by no means a boffin with any of these software packages). The end result once exported to DCS is shown, in game for comparison in Fig 3.
  10. В магазине DCS - смотрю "по тихому" :)) распродажа идет ?! Скидки до 50% - странно, что объявления не увидел, обычно анонсируют, рекламируют.... это в честь выхода 2.7 ?! Или они давно идут ?! следовательно в Steam когда будут скидки на модули ?!
  11. Well I am certainty no expert but wouldn't the opposite be true ?? If the code is making better use of available GPU power then wouldn't the GPU be working less rather than harder trying to maintain the same scene ?? As per the above vid the GPU is working harder and performance headroom is being removed, if a user is already at the point of little or no headroom then surely a harder working GPU is going to see in game performance take a nose dive, unless you relieve that strain by lowering settings ?? (happy to be educated here)
  12. Значит подвеска не правильная
  13. Yeah, thanks I' think I'll do that right now, in fact.
  14. Quest folks, I think I've diagnosed the render mask issue, it turns out that if I run DCS under steamVR that I don't get the mask but I do in Oculus software. In the above steps I think I reverted to oculus while trouble shooting the issue. When I went back into SteamVr I had the same problems. Can anyone else running steamvr for reshade confirm they don't have the mask? I'm wondering if the mask is absent or set to a wider FOV given that the quest has one of the smallest FOVs out there.
  15. Super. Но 120ка вешается на lau-115 же...
  16. Water looks great in VR, it's simply that you are not used to it. You are used to the "gigantic" waves that rendered at 20 miles out in 2.5. This is much more realistic.
  17. thanks appreciate the support. The team will get there, but early access does take time. Also regarding flight models, its real world data that matters, other sims my be great but they are not a source we will use. thanks
  18. Here's official answer: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/#3303157 If you have fast Internet you can switch between versions in command line o using Skatezilla's Updater Utility. Beta has more frequent updates and is always first to introduce new modules and content. Depending on the state of the beta, when devs are fine with stability, the stable gets updated - it can be a few weeks, but can be a few months as well. Stable is free of game breaking issues like crashes or unusable modules but not free of any bugs. It is advised to use this version
  19. And do YOU have any accentuated character in your Windows login?
  20. In dcs rate for sure! That's why people who understand BFM and strengh/advantage of Dcs hornet will always force 2circle fight.
  21. I've also had this. Thought it was just me. Was looking forward to binding encoders to it.
  22. I've done a few more tests: it seems the crash is only happening with specific servers. So far, it crashes systematically if I try to spawn an AJS37 on 4YA servers, but I'm able to spawn the aircraft on some other servers I've tested (one of them was running a BlueFlag mission).
  23. They mentioned in a different thread that while the date there is a placeholder, it is their best estimate. Fingers crossed it's right!
  24. more efficient code... makes better use of the GPU?
  25. Are you using some mod to change MFD text colour ? I realised that Materials.lua has changed to cover ATFLIR coordinates and Maverick symbology. So you need to disable your MOD or update it with new Materials.lua code to have it working.
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