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  2. Auch daran haben einige Kampagnen-Ersteller gedacht. Du öffnest mit der #-Taste das Radio Menü und klickst dich da dann durch bis du auswählen kannst, die Mission zu überspringen. Leider ist es so, das die vielen DCS Updates manchmal gewisse Triggerpunkte nicht mehr zulassen und dann die Mission nicht beendet werden kann, bis es dazu ein Update gibt.
  3. I also ordered a UFC today. Wait for more information.
  4. So Ammo found the solution - fixed by undoing this update: https://github.com/HeliosVirtualCockpit/Helios/commit/ec25571b37360789d16656ff9c4c5937e3d5b279#diff-2a9b6d391f12d142e3ccafeefa6e27a061a673dab6351a729219ed1d7d9cbe54
  5. Yesterday
  6. Who knows. It all depends on how they actually implement the rendering engine for VR. But I am looking forward to see what they will do with Vulkan.
  7. Dear Jack, this is not true at all, the only thing that is true is that the F/A-18C came out before the F-16C, and therefore the priority to finish the F/A-18C remains higher, that said, we have hired new devs for the F-16C months ago, and they continue to work away on the F-16C. All customers of all our modules are important to us, we do our best to make sure we meet their expectations the best we can based on how many dev hours we have in a day. Thanks.
  8. I think we'll all turn into Top Gun level sim pilots as it gets updated and easier to fly. Turn and burn.
  9. Believe this is going to be a bug. I've provided several tracks below to show that I met your flight requirements (or very closely). After watching the TacView files, I noticed an issue with the bombs coming off the center rack in which bomb #3 and #4 were colliding. This appears to be a timing issue with the bomb release. Further testing would also show that the faster the F-5 was going, the more likely the bombs would collide. Slowing down to less than 450 knots negated the issue altogether. F-5_SnakeEye_test.trk F-5_SnakeEye_test_2.trk F-5_SnakeEye_test_3.trk
  10. I have asked that on the newsletter discussion. Wondering about it, too.
  11. Are you looking under A-G Missiles? It's under Bombs.
  12. We are very happy with the latest news and the path that ED has chosen for 2021. Have in mind that the fact we focus on the dark sides does not mean we don't see and appreciate that and have great respect for ED and the progress they make. They are obviously listening to some criticism. That said, I have one question about the latest news regarding the Channel map. It says the map will move to release state soon. What about the season(s)? It's a big problem with this map but wasn't mentioned with a single word. Are there plans to bring seasons to this map? If so, when?
  13. Bei Vulkan in DCS bleibt auch abzuwarten, wieviel CPU Kerne von DCS genutzt werden können. Würde dann schon Sinn machen, wenn Du sowieso vor hast, eine für DCS optimale neue CPU zu kaufen.
  14. I'll try this again. lol. Unless something has changed, which I wouldn't doubt, you can only ripple 2 mavericks and only if they're singles on their own rack, as of now. I've stopped using them because of all the issues, so hopefully this is correct still.
  15. Ist ein bissl fummelig, aber Du kannst dich in VR nach vorne beugen, oben strecken, ducken oder nach hinten in den Stuhl pressen, dann den VR Recenter Knopf drücken. EDIT: auch kann man das Cockpit in VR so genau auf die Sitzposition ausrichten mit etwas links oder rechts blicken und dann den Recenter Knopf drücken. Wenn dann wieder in der normalen Sitzposition, hat sich deine Kopfposition entsprechend entgegengesetzt verschoben. Geht fix, habe mich schon daran gewöhnt die Sitzposition vor jedem Start so zu kalibrieren. F/A-18 und F-16 haben auch eine Höhenverstellung für den Sitz - funktionie
  16. Will be looking forward to this so much :), wasn't think i would could fly this baby already this yeah... but thanks and best of luck with it, will of course be insta buy
  17. Ahhhhhh... So it's just some Facebook/Twitter/Instagram-like stuff after all. I don't need to be notified of that constantly! That's annoying. Thanks for explaining.
  18. In an October 2019 Interview Mats said So the question is how much of that was done in 2020 and what is on the roadmap for 2021? I would say, that it's the last point, that seems to be quite in future. Surely also due to a shortage and fluctuation of personal. The rest I see is being worked on and those improvements will in my opinion first be seen in planes and then descent to the ground. So, yeah, I guess it's going to be a while. Also AI would be very important, since strictly speaking you can't operate one tank alone and wouldn't have sing
  19. So Microsoft discontinue its OS and DCS should provide endless support? Enviado desde mi ELE-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  20. It's all about what level of immersion the player is going for and what tasks help them get there. I did run through the cold start process multiple times to understand it and have downloaded @Bunny Clark's kneeboard page (thanks Bunny!) but I haven't cold-started the Hornet in a weeks. DCS is my big, open sandbox where I can take my box of toy airplanes out on test scenarios and fly like a jackass or fly as close as possible to my own perception of realism. It's all about having fun. For me, I like trying to understand everything I can learn about the sim but having to do everything by th
  21. FONTE https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/226323-dcs-a-7e-corsair-ii-by-flyingiron-simulations/?do=findComment&comment=4537159 Bye Phant
  22. Ich glaub, Viper braucht bloß mal wieder einen zum quatschen
  23. So the AZ EL page shows the type of aircraft of the L&S: How is that possible? Are AWACS beams so powerful to determine that no matter the aspect? Why doesn't this appear on the SA page? Doesn't make much sense to me. Does anyone know if the real jet does it? Thanks.
  24. Grimes

    Co-Op mode?

    The difference between a single player and MP/co-op mission is the addition of "client" skilled aircraft. Its always been relatively easy to go into the editor modify a mission to add those client slots to existing missions. However you still have the limitations of MP where logbook stats aren't tracked, you can play individual missions from a campaign but its done outside of the campaign UI and you don't get "credit" for it, and certain triggers will only work on the host and not any of the clients. There is also the fact that triggers for single player missions are typically made to check on
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