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  2. Going from 1080 to 3090 will be a nice benefit no matter the headset, especially with all the vram the 3090 has.
  3. ROSTER UPDATED https://drive.google.com/file/d/14G4h3MFpf2f95WIC0on4zMK8sYiiYMA1/view?usp=sharing about clouds I set it simple Light Scattered 1 cloud preset.
  4. It has texture, it's not photorealistic. Fly low and slow and add some wind and you will see it. IMO it looks much better than before, it's not photorealistic that's for sure but baby steps, baby steps.
  5. Infatti... spero ripristinino i laser almeno come opzione. Ma la vedo dura..
  6. Согласен, не хватает такого пункта, обязательно куплю по скидке :)) но чуть позже...хотя этот ответ видимо можно отнести к (уже купил).. :))
  7. I set CLOUD PRESET in ME and a continuous game crash occurs on the 2nd loading. All mods have been cleared and repaired. I had to send CREASH REPORT more than 3 times
  8. Hi, Yes congratulations for your product ! Unfortunately the second mission crashed at the end, when I wanted to leave it, disgusted I reported that in the bugs of 2.7. Kr
  9. Mud

    Database modding

    Yeah, I was also looking for the \Scripts\Database\Troops\usa.lua as my squadron has vanished from the logbook now. I really hope ED will give us the ability to modify this again via the Saves Games folder then. Mud
  10. In you're drive:\users\Saved Games\DCS\Input or drive:\users\Saved Games\DCS.OpenBeta\Input You can make a copy of the whole input folder, and it will include settings for all your installed modules. You can also copy this to another computer and change the files names of the settings to reflect the device IDs of the new computer. You can even make symbolic links to this folder, (actually all of them), and share it between Stable and OpenBeta, so you don't have to do double work when setting up devices. This is what I do. Beware though, as one can have some conflicts when there are descrepa
  11. Well bugger me! Biggins here, with the new 2.7 update. Eastchurch aswell. Nice to see these 2 important airfields added. ..
  12. i can't speak to those points... on your headset as i dont have a RIFT-S
  13. Hi, Same thing for me , with DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign , the second mission crashed at the end, when I wanted to leave it, disgusted (missions are long) No mods. Kr
  14. Ok good, that give me hope that it can be fixed. I used a no steam openvr.dll that runs openvr without steamvr, but even after reversing that I still don't have the mask in VR, so I might repeat the process and start there.
  15. no. expansion - the intent is to use as much of the engine as possible, which means making fuller use of the GPU is preferable, providing your frame times remain inside the requirement its a tough no simple non linear balance
  16. Это уже в 2.7 так? То есть, в 2.7 сократили сопротивление?
  17. Just checked: "mil" is not illuminated indeed, but "km" is. MIL_not_illuminated.trk
  18. I run under steamVR and I get the mask on my G2 and ShaunX has the G2 and doesnt ...
  19. Nice skin. I'd love to get hold of these as well but it looks like he didn't build these for the package. I'm trying to find SA342_Camou_ADT_8.psd as this appears to be corrupt in the package as well. As far as the rest are concerned, looks like we're stuck with hacking the .dds files.
  20. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/227507-dcs-world-patch-notes-discussion-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4627604
  21. Thanks. Maybe Bio should have delivered the same briefing to his instructors as well. I swear, especially the Vipers always seem to aim straight for my nose. (both AI Vipers and F-15s seem to tighten their turns very aggressively and keep forcing head-on passes, with no regards for their own safety). Maybe they completely misunderstood the term "murder board"?
  22. And what are differences between cloud options /standard vs ultra?
  23. Fun fact : killing friendly ships increases your score without it being marked as friendly fire, that's just below. The code checks for FF on every type of target except ships... me_logbook.lua : if isInsideCoalition(coal, country_idTarget) then --попали по своим if (victimType == "helicopter") or (victimType == "plane") then faa = faa + 1 elseif victimType == "vehicle" or victimType == "static" then fag = fag + 1 end (...) (and some dev might also have a look at the lostLA update logic a few lines below, it looks suspicious)
  24. Ja, genau das Bild am Monitor. Da sieht man den Rahmen ganz genau. Gut ist, dass ich schon dachte, ich hätte mir mit dieser Mod meine DCS Installation zerschossen, weil ich es nicht wieder los geworden bin und somit scheinbar normal ist. Schlecht ist, dass ich die Ränder in der CV1 ganz klar sehen kann, was sehr nervig ist. Vielleicht finde ich ja gleich noch kurz die Zeit mal einen Blick in die Optionene zu werfen um zu sehen, was ich da machen kann. Vielen Dank auf jeden Fall für die Klarstellung. EDIT: Habs gerade doch noch schnell einmal probieren können. Das müsste dann d
  25. Thank you very much for reporting this, it is the only "bad" thing i experienced with the 2.7 patch - the loss of the laser pointer. I now have to fumble with the controler, bump into my desk/keyboard/monitor... trying to use VR keys/switches/MFD's....all takes alot more time and tries that before was easily done.
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