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  1. DiGiTaLdAzE
    01-03-2018 04:18 AM
    Hello--I contacted you last year re issues with a Hotas Cougar. I currently need some advice re my system spec, and DCS 2.2 , or whatever version I need to run the NTTR map. I would like to buy the NTTR terrain on the winter sale which ends in only hours from now. I am unsure if my machine can run it. I am at this time running DCS 1.2.16, and with EVERYTHING at highest settings can get around 40-60 FPS consistently. Here are the significant aspects of my system spec:

    i7950@3.2 GHZ--GTX580 (1.5 GB DDR5 vram) x 2 in SLI mode--12 GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 Ram @1600 MHZ.

    I am planning to overclock everything later this winter in order to boost performance of my machine. Assuming I can get a decent OC, would this system be capable of running DCS with the NTTR map installed om say medium settings? Thanks for any help--please reply asap as the sale ends in about 5 hours. I would have posted in the forums but cannot find the 'forum tools' tab for starting a new thread. Thanks--Norm
  2. DiGiTaLdAzE
    04-21-2017 06:40 PM
    (trried to send this using reply button 15 mins. ago)

    Thanks for the replay. I still cannot see the 'new thread' tab'--actually, I cannot find the 'Forum Tools' tab either. I would like to figure that out, but perhaps you can answer a few questions I was going to ask in a new thread.
    I somewhat have the Hotas Cougar issue sorted. I was running the older Vista RC 1 drivers along with the latest Target software, following the advice of a Thrustmaster rep. Apparently there was a conflict going on between these software(s) causing the Hotas to become either unresponsive or very erratic (WAY over sensitive), On the advice of another Thrustmaster rep I deleted the older driver package, and this has resolved the above issues. I would like to post a new thread though as everything is not yet quite right with the Cougar.

    Will have to send rest of message in 2--3 segments as I am being blocked because of message size--sorry Norm

    Norm Ryall
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