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  1. Murdok123
    08-22-2020 11:19 PM
    Hello again, Reckoner,

    Following the latest update to DCS the NVG's appear quite a lot brighter then before and even when fully "down" still too bright to fully take advantage of the system. Is there any way to tone the brightness down?

    Many thanks.

  2. Murdok123
    02-29-2020 05:30 AM
    Again, thanks for the clarification. Your Mod works great and I am having a lot of fun with it during night intercepts.


  3. Reckoner
    02-05-2020 11:43 PM
    Not really the mod, that's just how NVG are modelled in DCS.
  4. Murdok123
    02-04-2020 04:01 PM
    Many thanks for the clarification. Installed the mod as directed with keybindings to my HOTAS joystick. I did notice that the cockpit instrumentation is very blurry now. Is that a consequence of the mod?


  5. Reckoner
    02-02-2020 10:45 AM
    Hi, if you wish to install the Mod manually then at this point you should simple copy (not move as you'll need it in future) the "Mods" folder (the one inside "F-5E NVG - V1.0") into "\DCS" main folder and let Windows Explorer merge folders and replace any file that come up.

    Now at this point my advice is keep the Mod folder (F-5E NVG - V1.0) in a safe place, because after every game's update released by ED the mod will be deleted and you'll have to install it again (simply copy and replace again as said above).
  6. Murdok123
    02-02-2020 04:59 AM
    Hello Reckoner,

    As a newcomer to DCS, I am not (yet) familiar with adding MOds to the program.

    I would like to add the F5E NVG's you developed but have a couple of questions perhaps you could assist me with...

    1. Extract - OK
    2. Go to \Eagle Dynamics\ etc - OK
    3. Copy the file default.lua in the corresponding Mod's folder \F-5E NVG - V1.0\Mods\aircraft\F-5E\Input\F-5E\keyboard

    Does this imply I copy the default.lua file INTO the \F-5E NVG - V1.0\Mods\aircraft\F-5E\Input\F-5E\keyboard folder???

    4. Open the newly copied file etc, - OK

    5. Install the mod as usual (JSGME Recommended) - Perhaps you could clarify exactly how this is done. I would like to add same directly to the program rather than using JSGME and I suspect I would have to add the
    \F-5E NVG - V1.0\Mods\aircraft\F-5E\Input\F-5E\keyboard folder to ??????

    Appreciate your help.


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