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A support to promote collaboration between virtual flying groups! milsim & humor !
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  2. Greeting Pilots! We're working hard and our project is evolving. We know there are still somethings to improve but today we're really pleased to official present the first joint operation, that will take place on 16 March. At the same time, two official tools of this community are now alive: this forum and the integrated booking system. The latter in particular makes us proud of the work done so far. At the end of each briefing you can find a table listing all the flights, each pilot will be able to book his flight and manage it with just one click! 14/03/21 H 20:00Z = Vocal Briefing in English – CONTACT US HERE FOR MEETING INFO 16/03/21 H 20:00Z = Hospitality and DCS’s server online in pause mod H 20:15Z = Briefing audio on ts channel : ➠ GENERAL BRIEFING ROOM (PTT Forced) H 20:30Z = Start Mission H 22:30Z = End Mission H 23:00Z = De-Briefing

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