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Related to technical aspects like Multi-Monitor and Hardwaremods
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  2. Gentlemen, I'm a fan of Urze's collective and it's been working great for me. Just let me know what I can do for anyone and if there is a problem you want me to work on, I will be more than glad to track down a solution. SunDown
  3. Hi- Several of you are now "beta-tester" of my X52 extension/MS FFB(2)! I would like to as you to post your experience with the assembly/handling. Pictures of your assembly are very welcome! All others who want to join: please give me a mail/pm. You would get a 50% off because you are a "beta-tester". This would be 18,50€ instead of 37€ +shipping (12.90€ overseas and 8.90€ Eu and 4.90 Germany.) This means you would have to do it without a manual and on your own risk. The delivery includes all you need for the mod without changing parts of your stick. The only structural change is to cut and extend the wires of the X52.(remove and exchange of the Grip on the Sidewinder) I would like to ask you for a little documentation and some photos of your assembly. I will help you in doing this Mod here and via Skype(with video). Further plans are to hold a Workshop during the LLTM and Start selling them right after This event on my page.
  4. Hi all! http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=32307 This thread is the first step in finishing the Multihead Tutorial. Maybe one or two of you have sufficient hardware to test it out yourself. And report me about the difficulties you had encounter - so that I could bring it in. The tutorial will not only contain text. It will have also many self explaining images and some Videos. And a little overview how to calculate right aspect ratios in combination with different sized Monitors. I'm hoping to get there input and questions I didn't thought about myself.
  5. Hey guys, pleased to be here. My collective is working well, since I tweaked the original, I'm just waiting for a good KA-50 (well, better than alphasims ;) ) to fly with it!
  6. Hi Polecat, Wags ,Groove ,JimMack ,gg87 ,EagleEye and last but not least Triggerhappy! Thanx for following my invitation! Right now I'm on a polish wedding of on of my cousins near Gdansk (17th,September) but I will give you a rough/detailed draft of my tutorial about how to set up Softth up wit FC properly with your main board aspects (softth is limited through pci bandwidth of your motherboard) and your CPU in mind in the next 5 days. Once again - Thanks for joining!
  7. Hello! Here I want to discuss workarounds/tweaks and Hardware mods before posting on this Board. I hope that I get here also a little input what Tutorials/Projects you want to see next on http://leftside-limited.com and help me to make the tutorials 'Idiot-proof'. :) My Tutorial road map: -How to set up 6 screens/projectors with FC -Integrate FFB with an x52/x52 pro -Turn every monitor in a touchscreen using a wii-remote and a IR-LED/reflective-tape attached to your index finger. like seen here: To use it with touchbuddy and/or a virtual cockpit. -integrate FFB to Saitek Pro Rudder Padals. My intension behind this: I have a ton of e-mails and and PMs from several boards and no time to answer every single question. I hope in writing these tutorials and releasing them on my web page I will reach more people helping them to make their hobby more enjoyable. (But be aware that I can not answer any question that are related to Blackshark before it is released!) :)

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