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Announcements in Forum : RAZBAM
04-12-2019 until 06-13-2019
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Rule 1.16 follow up **Updated**

Dear all,

I have noticed still many violations to this rule. I cannot stress enough how important this rule is in a multinational forum, with a multinational company developing fairly modern simulations of weapon systems. Sharing information from the internet may seem harmless, but there are many things out there that really shouldn't be, and with ED dealing with companies that expect ED to be professional and respect those boundaries, sharing this info can end badly not just for us, but for users sharing this info.

The Hornet and other modules are developed to be the most accurate simulations you can find, its been this way since the A-10C and Ka-50, but even then, there are limitations out there that require us not to model certain aspects, or change how they are modeled to protect sensitive material. We may model a system differently than how it is, just to get it to feel like the real thing, but not offer up any secret info on how it actually is, or in some cases, we may not be able to model it at all.

We need to all be better at what we share here, and as such, since this rule has been in place for a while, warnings will be issues on a more regular basis with this violation. I hope you all understand why we need to do this, and try and help make sure this rule is followed.

1.16 violations will first be 20% perma warning, 1 week off. A second violation will be another 20% perma and one month off. A third violation will be 100% warning and 1 year off. After the 1 year, your 100% warning will remain intact, and any further violations will result in a permanent ban on these forums.

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