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WIP Cockpit Project(s)
Some photos of a work in progress Ka-50 cockpit.

Started work on a L-39 cockpit.
Some color added. 
Work plan is: IP panel fully working, glare shield, center console, ejection handles, right side console, left side console and...
"Prototape" model.
My first ever de-bezel job. I.P. will done right on this build. It was not as hard as I thought.
Picture of prototype L-39 gauge panel fascia. Used to test color selection and tool path editing and corrections. Several changes are already made on...
Ka-50 right wall panel gauges 6-pack prototype.
UV-26: happy to see it still has power going to it...
UV-26 almost finished.
Version 1.0 APU panel with working temp gauge. All I need is a binding in Helios that connects to my Phidgets Servo controller and it is a go. It...
HUD box with no side thingies. All works except the test button. Hand written labels will be washed off at a later date. 
Have added two LED's next...
Blue LED's are very bright. They are not controlled by Helios, so dimming them will take some work.
Photo replaces earlier version of pic#4. It has more blue light to see what one is doing in flight.
Photo replaces earlier pic #7. I added a bit of blue light shining on the overhead panel, but backlighting is a must to see up there while monitors...
Door open, seat back for entry.
Rear view showing latest sprucing up with more labels, oxygen bottle and working R-828 radio channel readout. Yellow "passby" LED stays on until I...
Latest incarnation of the WIP. 
Creating a new Helios profile and working on wiring.
Taking care of some piddly stuff in preparation the Yellow Five-Two debut. 
PVI-800 display cover. I will get them working someday. 
Only need to...
Almost drove me to drinkin', but I got her running with the Helios monitor.
WIP APU Control panel, 'in the white' to show gearing for the servo so the needle covers the proper range (no needle yet). It is working now, but it...
It's alive! 
Soldering a 7 segment display is an adventure. I've learned that making the display react to switches is quite easy. Shame there is no...
Datalink and LWR light check:  A-OK. 
Lot of wires stuffed into that project box. 
Should have the other two buttons made up next week.
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