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Prowler111 09-21-2012 04:39 PM

RAZBAM Protocol
Hi there guys:
Sorry it took me this long to put this statement, this is the official RAZBAM statement regarding the F-15E Strike Eagle for DCS, other information "statements" or post other than this one, or any other not made by me, should be consider a rumor and as such with no credibility at all.

RAZBAM is a 3d development business, and as such, we take business related decisions on how we take the next step in any kind of development, and since our business is to provide a service (in this case 3rd party content to a number of different simulation titles.) We make these decisions in order to offer the best service possible and to make our customers happy, that´s why we don´t jump and post pics of stuff we don´t plan to complete or even worse, don´t have the manpower or resources to get it done. As an example, we decided to do not have our own DCS forums/subforums until we had something tangible to show, and someone working on them to make it happen.

Our license agreement within RAZBAM and Eagle Dynamics was not also a good fortune shot, we had to demonstrate our capabilities, our resources and what´s behind curtains in our development program. We are humbled by Eagle Dynamics decision to allow us to get such license but at the same time we were sure we´ll pass with full colors any question and tests they´ll put us, because that´s how confident we are, that´s how confident I am of the team behind RAZBAM, I consider myself humbled to be surrounded by a group of positive, talented and eager people. While we are not a big corporation (not even close) we are also not a mom and pop outfit, or a mom´s basement based company (but we started as one man band, 9 years ago) and it´s currently formed by studied, prepared, professional artists, each very proficient on its development expertise. Right now, there are 2 teams working simultaneously on 2 other DCS titles which will be revealed when there is something to show, WITHOUT compromising our FSX/Prepar3D developments. We also have 2 Aeronautical Engineers, each working on separate DCS titles (not FSX, we got another team for that).Our main coder has 23 years of experience coding business software, managing large networks and leading IT projects. He started coding for RAZBAM 2 years ago .We got 2 texture artists , one who does textures on finished projects and one who maps, texture and add effects to those textures in sake of realism (see Av-8B cockpit textures) who also happens to be a 3d Studio Max expert, which sums up to current 3d developers in the team to the number of 4 (me included).Each one got it´s own responsibilities within their own projects, which eventually pass thru my hands/eyes and then to the next phase. It´s an awesome team, which I cherish, respect and also have the great honor to call them friends (well..the coder guy…he is my brother..:-D..)

Our involvement in DCS world, as a 3rd party content developer was not a decision I took lightly. Sure, the market options, the community size and what´s more, the focus in it (military aviation) were major decision points , but I needed to consult MY team if we were able to pull it off. I even had to made a family compromise, since DCS will take most of my small free time, which I spent with them, even more scarce.. that´s how far I went into commitment to DCS.

As such, I also took another business decision, which is to do not make any move without consulting the Eagle Dynamics upstairs gentlemen. Every single step, announcement , add on, release, is thoroughly consulted with ED first. While we have freedom of movement, we play by the rules and that´s how we are going to move. In fact, after consulting with Eagle Dynamics, I decided that it´s ED who do the ultimate testing and approval of anything that comes under RAZBAM. Having said that, it´s obvious we are not going after FC3 quality, mid quality, or low quality add ons. We are going to release A-10 DCS level of complexity products, from day 1.Not half made, half baked, nothing like that, but straight A-10 DCS level. That´s what we were contracted for, that ´s what Eagle Dynamics expects from us, and that´s what I am pretty sure, you, the potential customer, is expecting from us.

This takes us to our current line of scheduled projects for DCS world, also known as the “list” , which I am pretty aware some were laughing about and mocking us. Every single aircraft named in that list got a 3d mesh to back it up and it´s approved by Eagle Dynamics on our license agreement, or contract as a 3rd party content developer. Which takes us to the current rumor mill on events regarding the F-15 E Strike Eagle. While as a serious company, I can not debate our business decisions out in the open in forums, it was consulted with Eagle Dynamics and approved by Eagle Dynamics, and as such, it´s in “the list” as well. It was not a “I got hold of this gorgeous cockpit mesh, let´s get it into DCS and make some $$” kind of move. It was a business move based on available resources, time to make it happen, and most if not all, a market for it. It ´s a decision based in the fact that it will put us faster into DCS than starting our own from scratch, allowing us to show you what we are capable of, and let you decide if it´s worth to get more products under the RAZBAM badge or simply ignore us and move to the next one. And yes, it´s going to be DCS level, with all the bell and whistles and it´s currently, as I type this, being worked on by a team devoted SOLELY to this aircraft.

I hope this clears some of the rumors around, there is so much that can´t be discussed in public since we are under a very strict NDA which I have to respect at all costs.

Thank you for all the comments, expectation and positivism , it fuels us to keep ahead with all our projects, and also thank you for the warm welcome into DCS world.

Best regards
Ron C. Zambrano M

Nate--IRL-- 09-21-2012 04:48 PM

Thank you for the clarification Ron, it is always good to get more info and background on the people building our future sims , but ...Paragraphs please! :)


cichlidfan 09-21-2012 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by Nate--IRL-- (Post 1556446)
...Paragraphs please! :)



joey45 09-21-2012 04:54 PM

3rd ^^

Thanks for the info.

genbrien 09-21-2012 05:12 PM

I'll quote myself with that question that I asked on facebook


Very glad you're doing the F-15E as it's my fav plane, and I'll buy it as soon as it's ready. Just wondering why did you go with the Eagle now, as the Harrier seems to be quite well advance in the development? Good luck to all your team!

BIGNEWY 09-21-2012 05:20 PM

Thanks for the update :)

Boomer 09-21-2012 05:34 PM

No comment... That is awesome, link me the preoder page please. :music_whistling::thumbup:

Glowing_Amraam 09-21-2012 05:39 PM

Thanks for the update and information. :)

Prowler111 09-21-2012 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by genbrien (Post 1556468)
I'll quote myself with that question that I asked on facebook

The Harrier is still way off, while some of the mesh work is done, and since DCS World´s engine allow us to put more detail, we´ll upgrade the exterior model and such.But that´s just visuals.The AFM, or even more, the aspects of S(V)TOL flight have to be studied, comprehended and applied into the sim.
The F-15 will teach us a lot, the T-2 will make us earn our wings and the Harrier will be the result of both and then on. BTW, expect another announcement, on this matter, since more stuff, already in DCS, is coming...


Raven68 09-21-2012 07:22 PM

Prowler, two questions come to mind because I am curious and it may be explained elsewhere in the forums. The WSO pit for the F-15E, is that something RAZBAM and ED are working together on to develop(fully functional and multiplayer) or will you develop it yourself. Second is the A2G radar. The same question applies, because these seem to be some major hurdles. I understand that this topic may be confidential, but this inquiring mind wants to know. Please be gentle if you decide to cyber slap me.:)

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